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Manuel Bruschy met Dirk Evenepoel in 2014 when they both joined a contemporary French choir in Luxembourg. In 2019 they founded together with Klemen Perko the formation « witty&frank ». The band’s name just says: we like to amuse ourselves and make fun with a no-nonsense and plain-spoken music. Their own compositions are singer songwriters inspired songs with arrangements of various styles (folk, blues, pop) and this combined with some original interpretations of famous covers. Or like someone of the audience said :... "complexless easy listening music without pretentions..." And that's just what it is ...

Dirk Evenepoel stopped imitating the greatest popstars in front of the mirror at the age of 15 when he decided to learn to play the guitar. Several bands from pop (Stephen Dust) to soft jazz became the logic steps for his passion for music. The music he plays today is inspired by Pat Metheny, Eric Clapton or Paul Simon. In 2016 his first album « On the Go »  was launched, an instrumental cocktail of guitar music.


Klemen Perko picked up the bass in 3rd year of music school and never looked back. He always mainly listened to rock, but has always enjoyed many other styles too, and played actively in bands from various genres, from progressive metal to trip hop. He has been most inspired by the technical prowess of John Myung of Dream Theater, the attitude of Geddy Lee of Rush and grooves of Martyn P. Casey of the Bad Seeds, but the list is endless…

Manuel Bruschy is engineer but also an autodidact in music singing and playing the guitar and piano since 12 years old. Only at 44 he learned classical guitar and Bossa Nova with a Brazilian teacher. Music is a hobby but he co-founded 2 pop bands and a jazz quartet and integrated a 12 piece jazz vocal group achieving celebrity in television. Influences are jazz and classical music.


Dirk & Manuel are accompanied on stage with some great musicians as Hervé Rouyer or William Bur on drums, Seraphin Palmeri on keyboards, Cyril Yabroudi on bass, Thomas Kallstenius on sax, Jean Pascal Boffo (sound engineer) & Mathieu Loir (Images/Light)

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